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What you taught me about love: Jacob & Ashley

Jacob & Ashley, happy anniversary!! Like all of my couples that I've photographed, I think you both are INCREDIBLE. Not only are you both incredible human beings but you both have a lot of love between the two of you. Watching you exchange vows, surrounded by your loved ones, full of pure joy was heartwarming to witness. Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL but the real thing I took away from your wedding and getting to know you both is this...

Love brings everyone together. I see you both from afar, watching you both navigate being a blended and modern family with many layers. You do it with such beauty and you can see it's all built from love. In my own life, maybe not so much in my own relationship, I strive to do it all from love. I feel like my relationship has a lot of love built in at the base but a place in my life that's lacking that is some of the day to day stuff. Doing things every day that make me happy and are driven by love, that's what I need more of. And that's what I've learned from you both.

Thank you for being influential in not just your families lives, but also in the life of the person who was honored to photograph your wedding day!

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