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What you taught me about love: Mitch & Sarah

Mitch & Sarah, first and foremost, happy anniversary!! A year ago today you both said I Do to each other! It literally seems like yesterday, time moves way to fast!

For everyone else, this wedding is an incredibly beautiful testament to how friends and families can come together to make the day perfect. The wedding was originally supposed to be set in a more wooded area however weeks of rain flooded the wooded area out. The backup was a tent, but because of the rain the ground was too soft for the tent. So what did the friends and family of the couple do? They got together and cleared out a shop building and in the eleventh hour, decorated it all. As I looked around and watched as everyone joined together, I was in awe. Even though there were important people missing, you could still tell that the couples foundation already had deep strength.

It speaks to the couple that despite facing hurdles, they were able to adapt to what they were given and, with their friends and family, adjust in a way that was still honest and true to themselves. It was while shooting this wedding that I realized that just like weddings, relationships sometimes have to be adaptable too. Life happens, and as someone who was in a wheelchair, I can say it changes in an instant too. Mitch & Sarah, thank you for teaching me to be a bit more adaptable to change in life and love. I bear this in mind any time we're faced with changes. Firstly, always face it with each other in mind. Secondly, to face it with trust that we'll be okay together.

Thank you both for these little life lessons! Today is your 1st wedding anniversary and I hope there are decades to come for you two!

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