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What you taught me about love: James & Chandra

Oh James & Chandra,

You two. You are what I feel a marriage should be. You two work together, understand each other, know each others faults and still have so much room in your heart for love. One of my pet peeves is when people portray perfection in marriage. Mostly because marriage is far from perfect and takes a lot of work. I feel like you two are imperfect but perfectly working together in union. To build a strong foundation for a family. To piece together your lives to work in unison.

In terms of what you've taught me about love. You haven't taught me anything about love..but rather marriage and dedication. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't dim the lesson here because it's not about love. Love I feel is so separate from marriage. Two people can be in love and unmarried and also married and far from in love. You two happen to have both, love and marriage (don't start singing the Married with Children theme song, I dare you). With you two, you balance, you're yin and yang. Moving together in life in a way that's different but also in unison so that you balance each other. When one person goes off in a tangent, the other listens and is pliable to the other. Working to be supportive but also a fixer if something needs fixed. This has taught me so much for my own relationship. To be patient and gracious with my partner in life, to be pliable to his tangents and our relationship as a whole, to step back and react with care rather than my emotion.

You two are the best team and I'm so grateful to know you both and to have witnessed your wedding.

Thank you for the lessons you've given me without fully realizing it! May you live long and prosper, together!

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