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I'm Engaged!

I've actually been engaged since November but just realized I never made this announcement here! Which is a disgrace because you know exactly the stress I'm going through and vice versa! I wanna blog here as I go along with the wedding planning process and see if I can connect with all of you! So for starters let me introduce us as a couple!

Tom and I met online, we started talking to each other in September of 2014 on OkCupid. In the beginning we both weren't fans of long distance relationships, he was in Kansas and I was here in Oklahoma. However, we couldn't stop talking to each other. So by the time November came around we decided to finally meet, face to face. I packed my bags and away I went to Kansas (I have family and friends there so I'd planned to meet up with them while I was there in case this was a bust). I remember him walking in the door and something happened as we met eyes. There was this innate feeling of “there he is, the man I'm going to marry.” I'd only ever heard an older generation detail this feeling so it took me aback. We hugged immediately and that's when my instincts took it one step further. He felt like home. I knew immediately he was the one worth it all.

After about 3 years of dating, we'd moved in together, adopted a dog, traveled from coast to coast, went zip-lining in Vegas, made pinky promises, and built our foundation. On Thanksgiving of 2017, after I'd stuffed my face full of incredible food. I sat back and realized Tom had been gone for awhile, I assumed that maybe he had to take a post Thanksgiving Dinner run to the porcelain throne. I was wrong though, he emerged a couple minutes after I took notice to stand up in front of my entire family (of about 50, I have a big family) and sweetly proposed marriage to me. He got down on one knee and I said yes.

In January of this year, I surprised him with a trip to Vegas for his 30th birthday. We drove out to San Diego for one day and on the drive back we found books online about questions you should ask before you get married. We went back and forth answering the questions and we agreed it would interesting to blog about our experience going through these types of books/questions.

Keep a look out for a post soon! Until then, I'll leave you with a few pictures below of us.

With love,

Twylah and Tom

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