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What you taught me about love: Jarod & Pamela

Full disclosure, I’m engaged to Pam’s brother. That doesn't change the fact that these two have taught me a bit about love and commitment though! Not only are they truly compatible but they genuinely enjoy each other. They laugh, goof around and know the meaning of being present. They take care of each other. Jarod & Pam, what you've taught me is to not always take myself so seriously. To sit back and just enjoy time together can be some of the sweetest moments. You two always feel like you're living in the most dedicated honeymoon phase, ever. I mean that as a good thing! I think sometimes people look at the honeymoon phase as something young or childish, intending that it will be a fleeting feeling (which, typically it is). I like to semi-disagree though, I feel like keeping the honeymoon phase alive isn't a bad thing. It's not easy, but it's also something that's good to keep alive. I'm not sure if you two see it as keeping the honeymoon phase alive or not. Regardless, you can tell you two truly enjoy each other and I hope that never, ever changes.

You two might not realize how inspiring you are but I hope you only get better with age! Here's to the best waffely wedded life for you two!

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