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What you taught me about love: Jordan & Tristen

You might not have realized it, but for every couple I’ve photographed, I try to learn something too. I try to take these tidbits and utilize them in strengthening my own relationship. 

Tristen and I have been friends for a few years so I’ve seen her relationship with her husband grow so strong over time. One night we were talking and she was talking about how their communication with each other had grown. From the beginning to now, they were able to start a communication that welded their bond together. I was moved by this, and it’s something I’ve always tried to keep in mind for my own relationship. 

It’s not always easy, I tend to bottle things and retreat instead of speak up. It’s something I’ve always done and it’s a hard habit to break after almost 30 years of living. It’s something my fiancé gets aggravated with too and lately I can’t help but think of the communication between Jordan & Tristen as inspiring. Lately I’ve been telling myself, “communicate”. It’s still a work in progress but I firmly believe that communication, speaking your mind and making your voice is inherently good. Nothing could be fixed without knowing first and there’s beauty in that. So, Jordan & Tristen, thank you for being your own unique love, I’m so grateful you two found each other. ❤️


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