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About Me

I created Rock or Bust out of my love for my family. If you're a fan of classic rock music, you will know the connection to AC/DC. As I grew up one of the most influential women in my life was my Aunt Karla. And my Aunt Karla LOVED AC/DC. One day while editing photos and thinking about the heart of my photography..all I could think of was that I was raised with a strong sense of family, rock & roll and a whole lot of love. I take photos because I love it but I built this business to take care of the love behind the photos I take. 

I want my couples to feel their love when they look through their wedding album. I want my couples grandchildren to look through your wedding photos and see what they want their future to look like. Rock or Bust is open to ALL couples so long as the love is deep and true. 


Photos to the left and right are by the wonderfully talented Eva Utley.

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